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Keeping Motivated.

Keeping motivated is the hardest. Thinking of new ways to grow your work and pushing yourself, is what I and many struggle with the most.

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Keeping Motivated. We all find this hard, keeping creative and learning new things takes time, patience and a lot of research. What's the most important thing?

Research! Research! Research!

Whether you are sitting there wonder where your next inspiration is coming from or want to do more or maybe you just can't seem to find the right creativity. Research is the way. Research new styles/genres of photography, preferably ones outside your comfort zone, and I know that might sound CRAZY! However it really helps. Motivation is at it's best when you try to achieve something a little tricky, maybe a something you've always wanted to photograph. It could be anything from a pets portrait or the Northern Lights. Setting goals - even the smallest of ones - keeps your motivation up and keeps your creative flow in full force.

What to try? Set yourself challenges each day/week/month that is outside your repertoire. If it's landscapes you love try fast sport or if it's portraits you love try some city architecture. Stretching your creativity and trying new things will stimulate your brain in new ways, not only will it make your work stronger as a whole, but will make your approach to all kinds of photography much more relaxed.

What's most important? It's okay for it to go horribly wrong. We all learn from our mistakes however it is important to not look at it as a failure... it's a growth. Even if you never do it again.

What am I doing? Each month I set myself one big challenge, from sports to portraits and the next challenge of product photography.

Share your motivational tips will us in the comments below or share your images from the challenged.

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