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Being friends and still being professional

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

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A lot of success in this industry comes from friendships, not only with your subjects/clients but with the crew. Whether you are doing a band or a brands product shoot, creating a friendship with your clients is a really important part of growing your business but also growing you connections with people, trust is an important part. Is it really that easy?

Friendships = Trust = Great Photos

Some make this look easier than others, however if you want to create the best image and keep your clients happy. Making them feel comfortable, will make your job a heck of a lot easier. Working on your people skills is a lesson we all learn the hard way, from the things we say wrong due to nerves to the things we wish we'd said. We have all be there and there is no shortcut to the end results. It's all down to practise and learning your flow just like setting up your camera and composition.

I need help...

If you are struggling to open up, take a few moment to think; 1. What would make me comfortable if it was me? 2. How could my personality win people trust, am I funny, am I reassuring? 3. If things get overwhelming just take a moment to gather your thoughts and nerves.

You'll find your balance. Be patient. Be calm. Be prepared.


All the qualities you have in your personality will help build your brand and work. Your differences will make you compatible - you may have to experiment a little with what works best -, if you seem care free, non-judgemental, easy to work with and it's okay to be shy and unsure, you'll organically change the atmosphere. The environment may mean you'll have to sometimes change your approach. You'll be able to sense what's not working instantly. It's up to you. You mood. Your attitude. It all helps your client settle or keeping them positive vibes going.

The Balance

However keeping the balance is another challenge. You don't want to come across unmotivated or uninterested in what's going on. Staying focused on the job in hand and balancing the mood. Music can help a lot when it comes down to calm insecurities. Let's be friends!

Share your experiences or tips, below.

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