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Our Top 10 of 2018... So far.

2018 has already been filled with some great memories for us here. Including trips to the West Coast of America to live music, weddings & more.

We've selected our Top 10 of 2018 so far...

1. Monterey Aquarium, Monterey CA

© Shooter Photography

Some may be familiar with Monterey Aquarium, other may know it from the Disney/Pixar film 'Finding Dory'. There continuous work for the rescue and wellbeing of sea creatures ranging from otters, to jellyfish, sea anemone to stingrays. It may be half way around the world, but it's a must if you're ever in California.

2. Skaters of Venice Beach, Venice Beach CA

© Shooter Photography

Venice Beach is on everyone bucket list when visiting the West Coast. The energy the atmosphere gives off is unlike anywhere else. The hustle and bustle of locals and tourists along with the skateboarder, body builders and the creative alike. The soft white sand and clear blue sky makes it a photographers paradise when capturing people.

3. Workers Portrait

© Shooter Photography

Portraits have never been on the top of my list. Needing the perfect lighting, the perfect setting, the perfect model is a hard task. However sometimes while playing around with new equipment and styles... the unexpected happens. So never feel like you're not good at one thing, as when you're least expecting it. It'll happen. As they say practise makes perfect.

4. Mist of San Francisco

© Shooter Photography

San Fransisco bridge was like it was everyday, foggy. Capturing the cold, misty air is one that had to be in my portfolio of work. The long curvy bridge is breathe taking even in these conditions, although shorts and flip flops may not have been the best idea.

5. SaraBeth Trio Live At Water Rats, London UK

© Shooter Photography

Captioning the spirit of live music is always a joy. Especially when the one's you are shooting are good friends. SaraBeth Trio made their London appearance at the iconic Water Rats, showing off their new material and playing crowd favourites.

6. Evening Rays of California

© Shooter Photography

Warm sun, salty air breeze. That's California. Having spent all day, travelling from beach to beach the hours was worth it when you get the shot you've been dreaming/hoping for. What's not to love about the sun, sea, sand and palm trees?

7. Snow of South Lake Tahoe, CA

© Shooter Photography

The snowy tops of South Lake Tahoe, with temperatures over 25 degree Celsius. The contrast was out of this world. Yet everything was the same tone just a different shade of blue.

8. Great Exploration in the Snow

© Shooter Photography

When it comes to animals, photographing them is just as hard as children. Especially when it's your own dog who likes to do his own thing. As he loves the snow I thought it would be a great time to try and get some photos of him in the "wild".

9. Coffee Anyone?

© Shooter Photography

The challenge was set. How to take interesting pictures of coffee. Simple right? No. Each individual component of the image was tweaked mm by mm, until it looked right. Including the lighting to give the right kind of shadow and capture the bubbles from the coffee.

10. The Sound of Bells

© Shooter Photography

Sometimes there are no words to express such a special event. That's where photos come in handy. Norma & John renewed their wedding vows with a beautiful traditional ceremony, full of love and happiness. Capturing their day was pure joy.

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